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Current estimated wait for
Walk-In patients:

Wed, Mar 5/13: 8:54am


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New Patient?

Our walk-in clinic is open to new patients. Unfortunately, we are not accepting new family practice patients at this time​.

For urgent care/walk-in patients, we woul​d be hap​py to connect with you during our office hours by telephone or in-person. Our physicians are scheduled to accomodate patients who wish to walk-in to be seen on a first-come first-serve basis in between appointments.
You can reach us:​​

     1) By Email: ​
     2) By Phone: 416.362.8822   ​​
     3) In Person: 157 Yonge Street - steps from the North-East                             corner of Yonge and Richmond.  

​​​We look forward to meeting you soon



About us

Patient Networks is a primary care medical practice, located in downtown Toronto. We are a team of physicians who provide care to patients on a walk-in and appointment-booking basis. 

At Patient Networks, we value our patients' personal health information. We know your personal health information is important to you and we are committed to treating your personal health information with a very high standard of care.

Purpose of this policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform patients who use the Patient Networks Public Portal on about the information that is collected, used and stored on the Public Portal. 

Purpose of the Public Portal

The purpose of the Public Portal is two-fold: 

  1. The Public Portal provides visitors to our medical clinic with important information about our services, location, hours of operation, public bulletins, and clinic wait times; and,
  1. The Public Portal also allows our patients to log-in remotely and book, view, cancel, or modify their own appointment times with physicians at Patient Networks. 

Collection of Personal Health Information

The collection, use, and storage of personal information via the Public Portal of will vary, depending on the function for which you are using the site. More specifically:

  1. Use of the Public Portal on for the purposes of viewing information about Patient Networks, its hours of operation, publicly posted information and notices, as well as the patient wait times does not require users to provide personal health information. 
  1. Use of the Appointment Scheduler function on the Public Portal of does require the collection of a user's personal health information. The personal health information provided by patients who use the Appointment Scheduler on the Public Portal of is used in order to verify the identity and authenticity of the user attempting to use the Appointment Scheduler to book, modify or cancel appointments on behalf of the identified patient-user. 

When a patient uses the Appointment Booking function of the Public Portal, personal health information including the patient's name, date of birth, health card number, and appointment bookings will be collected, used and stored on 

Patients using the Appointment Booking function of the Public Portal of use their health card number as a personal/unique identifier and have the option of creating their own unique and confidential password, which is encrypted in order to ensure the security and integrity of the information provided.

While Patient Networks may reset patient-users' passwords from time to time, Patient Networks will not view a patient-user's unique password.

Storage of Personal Health Information

Personal health information that is disclosed by patient-users of the Public Portal of is stored on a dedicated Patient Networks server. The use of a dedicated server means that Patient Networks does not co-host servers or "share" servers with other medical practices, businesses, or organizations. Rather, the information collected on the Public Portal of is stored on an individual secure server. 

Patient-users' personal health information collected via the Public Portal of, is encrypted with secured-socket layer ("SSL") encryption. SSL encryption allows for data confidentiality and the preservation of the integrity of our patient-users' personal health information. 

Personal health information collected via the Public Portal of will not be shared or disclosed with other third-party organizations; however, we reserve the right to disclose users' personal health and other information as required by law or requested by related authorities in order to comply with our legal and licensing duties, as prescribed by municipal, provincial, federal laws, regulations, and licensing bodies.

​Modifications will be made to this policy from time to time and posted online at

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