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Current estimated wait for
Walk-In patients:

Wed, Mar 5/13: 8:54am

​***Our office will be closed on Friday, April 12th for Good Friday. We will re-open on Monday, April 13th. We wish you and yours a happy and healthy long weekend!***

​​​***Please note that all existing appointments are now converted to telephone appointments*** 

TO PHARMACIES: Our doctors will be renewing medications for ALL patients – even if we have never seen them in the past. 
     Fax your requests to: 416-362-8877 and we will contact the patient to review the medication with them directly.

OUR OFFICE IS OPEN: We can see patients who require medical attention and do NOT have symptoms of fever, chills, cough,  shortness of breath, cold / flu illness. We continue to be open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. 

​​We have several ways to provide care for you during this time:

1) Telephone Consults: 
(OHIP covered - FREE for residents and non-residents)
 Please email us at: with your 10 digit Health Card number and 2 letter version code AND a telephone number to call you back at. One of our physicians will call you back during our office hours usually ​within 1 hour - please note that when we call, it may show "NO CALLER ID". If we need to prescribe medications to you, we can fax the presciption to your local pharmacy to pick up. (See privacy policy below) 

2) Appointments: All existing appointments are now converted to telephone appointments by default. All non-essential appointments should be deferred. Your physician will contact you before your appointment time to see if we can help you by phone. If you need to come into the office, we are still available to see you.

3) Walk-ins: Our walk-in clinic is open if your issue requires an assessment in person.
We are working closely with our local health partners at St. Michael's Hospital.  For up to date information and further guidance regarding COVID-19, please click HERE

  1. *Telephone Consult Disclosure: Just like online shopping or email, Telephone Consults has some inherent privacy and security risks that your health information may be intercepted or unintentionally disclosed. We want to make sure you understand this before we proceed. In order to improve privacy and confidentiality, you should also take steps to participate in this virtual care encounter in a private setting and should not use an employer’s or someone else’s computer/device as they may be able to access your information.

If it is determined you require a physical exam you may still need to be assessed in person. You should also understand that Telephone Consults is not a substitute for attending the Emergency Department if urgent care is needed. 

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